Ralph is available for commissioned works. Contact him for more information.

Below are a sample of his past commissioned works.


Commissioned by the Georgia Music Educators District X Band Directors and premiered by the District X 11 – 12 Honor Band. The title CompleX-2030 was inspired by the title given to plan created in 2000 by the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) to modernize nuclear weaponry. Premiered by the Georgia Music Educators Association District X honor band in February of 2012 by the composer, the work is a mental ‘soundtrack’ he generated while reading a book detailing this initiative. With a variety of innovative techniques and bold sweeping musical statements, the work will clearly be well received. (5:45) (Grade 4.5)


Con Brio (March)

Scored in traditional, or standard march form, this original work has all the opportunities for varied performance that are found in Sousa’s revered marches. The trio section features a melody from “The Maple Leaf Forever” and is quite appropriate since the march was commissioned and premiered by the Con Brio Festivals in British Columbia. This is a sparkling new original march in the style that is at the very root of the concert band art form. A brisk energizing choice! (3:00) (Grade 3)


For All The Wyle Eternal

Characterized with sweeping melodies driving dynamic rhythms interrupted with peaceful serene passages built upon charismatic melodies this musical tribute will not soon be forgotten. Commissioned in memory of Director, Mr. Gene Wyles by the Georgia Band Directors Association, this revered mentor will be remembered for eternity. The catalyst for the predominant part of the material is a motif derived from his first name, combined with the melody from Mr. Wyles’ favorite hymn. One listen and you’ll be hooked. High energy paired with deep emotion is the recipe for this wonderful new work. (6:50) (Grade 4)